# API Integration

It is possible to integrate KUTTL into your own Go test infrastructure. KUDO provides as an example kubectl kudo test using the KUTTL test harness. The following are the necessary steps.

# Add KUTTL to Go.mod

go get github.com/kudobuilder/kuttl

or get a specific version

go get github.com/kudobuilder/kuttl@v0.1.0

# Common Imports to Use

The test harness type is defined in an apis package similar to a Kubernetes type along with a version package. The test harness is currently v1beta1 and provides the main configuration for a test suite.

The test package contains the test.Harness implementation (given the configuration of the test harness configuration type previously mentioned). The test.Harness provides the "run" of the test run and needs a Go t *testing.T.

The testutils package contains utilities for docker, kubernetes, loggers and testing.

import (
  harness "github.com/kudobuilder/kuttl/pkg/apis/testharness/v1beta1"
  testutils "github.com/kudobuilder/kuttl/pkg/test/utils"

# Test Harness

The harness.TestSuite is the structure that controls how the test harness will run.

options := harness.TestSuite{}

The Go t *testing.T and harness.TestSuite are provided to test.Harness which provides the implementation for testing.

Run: func(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {
  testutils.RunTests("kudo", testToRun, options.Parallel, func(t *testing.T) {
    harness := test.Harness{
      TestSuite: options,
      T:         t,


A more complete example is provided in KUDOs cmd/test.go (opens new window)